Klinik Instructions

Patients with internet access are encouraged to use Klinik to request appointments or access any of the Medical Centre’s services. You can do this by following the steps below:

Step 1   Click the green continue button or the Sign in with NHS login button       see diagram 1

Step 2   Click the appropriate tile - for example

  • Blood Test Request - if you want to request a blood test
  • Sick Note Request - if you want a sick note
  • General Enquiries - if you have an enquiry
  • New Appointment Request - if you want an appointment with a doctor then click continue

Step 3   Click

  • The body part for your main symptom. When you have answered all the questions on this page, click continue.
  • Primary symptoms - click the appropriate boxes
  • General symptoms - click the appropriate boxes
  • You may be asked to Describe your current state - do so by clicking the relevant sections on screen.

You may also be asked to describe your symptoms in more detail. Type the information into the on-screen box,  see diagram 2 
which will expand if needed.                                                                                                                            

Step 4    You will be asked about previous treatment and covid 19

  • Tick relevant boxes, click continue
  • Enter the dates and times in the next 7 days when you will NOT be available to receive a telephone call.

Step 5   Patient’s details page

  • Complete all details marked with a red asterisk - including your NHS number.
  • If you do not know your NHS number click on Find my NHS number

You will be asked your name/date of birth and post code. The automated system will then send your number to you by email, text, or letter.

You can also find your NHS number on any hospital/surgery correspondence, or on your prescription repeat sheet.

Step 6     Click on the submit and your Klinik entry will be sent to us.                                    


Diagram 1

Diagram 2