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INVITATION TO PATIENTS - BLMK ICS Coproduction Resource Development Event

Following on from the ICB coproduction training with the Consultation Institute, we would like to collaborate with as many stakeholders as possible to create a supportive toolkit of resources for both professional and public stakeholders.  From previous work with residents and staff we found that an agreed version of what coproduction looks like in practice was asked for.   To support the co-creation of this resource and build consensus we would like to invite you to contribute to developing a coproduction framework for use across BLMK Integrated Care System which will form part of our coproduction resource toolkit.  This resource will support further development of coproduction across the health and social care system in BLMK by helping colleagues to assess their development and actions needed to coproduce services. 

The sessions will run for 90 minutes with a brief introduction to coproduction and the resource toolkit, after which we will move into breakout rooms to discuss:

  • what coproduction work we are doing well now
  • what key actions are facilitating this way of working
  • what might need to be developed further. 


These sessions are for all health and social care practitioners, commissioners, voluntary organisations, service providers and service users.  It is essential we have as many voices in the room as possible, your contribution is very important.  If you are available, please click on one of the 3 sessions below to reserve your space:

 6th June 1230 –1400
7th June 1230 –1400
8th June 1230 - 1400

Alternatively, you can use the link below:

 If you would like to contribute but are not able to attend, please contact


Primary Care Access Bulletin for Milton Keynes

Winter Pressures

Dear Patient,

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

As a valued patient, we wanted to share our current position and ask for your understanding as we head into Winter.

Before we tell you anything else, let us tell you why our doctors became GPs.  To care for people – to care for you.  They want to give great care, to meet you, to listen to you and to look after both you and your families.  It may not feel this way right now, but all we can say is the truth.

And the truth is – general practice is in crisis.  Not because of our doctors, or the staff who work with them.  It is because of the current need across the Country for many more GPs and other clinical staff to be working with us.

At Newport Pagnell Medical Centre we will endeavour to ensure that our clinical and administrative teams continue to: 

  • Support your needs as promptly and safely as we can whilst providing high quality care
  • Support our patients who are suffering with multiple healthcare-related problems and have had these longer due to the NHS backlog
  • Promote efficiency and try to recruit to all staffing vacancies
  • Play our part in ensuring we are here for you and the community 

Our situation:

  • Our team of GPs are currently managing more patients than prior to the COVID pandemic
  • Increased workload is also spread across all other clinicians and support teams
  • In addition, the Practice contributed to the largest vaccination program the country has ever seen
  • In the month of November 2022, our Practice:
    • Received an average of 476 patient contacts per day
    • Offered 6,931 appointments (with various clinicians) of which 3,969 were face-to-face

We would ask that you please help us by continuing to show our staff respect, patience and understanding.  We are now heading into the busiest time of the year, and we are all here to ensure that our patients are the priority.

Thank you for your co-operation during this highly stressful time for everyone.  We have been touched by the many kind messages of support from many of you whilst we strive to provide you with the best service we can possibly deliver.

Finally, for those of you who wish to have access to more details, we invite you to read the attached document which provides further important information.

GP Pressures Addendum 2022.docx 

On behalf of all the NPMC team, may we wish you and your families ‘Season Greetings’ and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,


The NPMC Team