Patient FAQs

FAQ 1   How do I make an appointment?

  •  Click here to view a concise patient guide   

FAQ 2   How do I order a repeat prescription?

  •  Click here to view a concise patient guide or to access the patient on line service Systmonline click here

FAQ 3   How do I get a flu jab?

  •  We will be in touch with an invitation for you to book your appointment if you are eligible.

FAQ 4   How do I get jabs for an overseas trip?

  • We run a private travel clinic situated within the Medical Centre which is available to anybody travelling (you do not have to be registered at NPMC to be eligible). Please click here for information or ring 0330 100 4268 to make an appointment. For information regarding prices click here

FAQ 5   How do I view my own medical results and records?

  •  Go to the NHS app or use this link for Systmonline. If you need an account please come into Reception with photo ID.

FAQ 6   How do I give up smoking?

  •  Click here for information. Please complete and submit this form if you wish to get help with giving up.

FAQ 7   How do I contact the Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

  •  For information from our website click here If you wish to send an email to the PPG click here

FAQ 8   How do I manage / improve my health? (Top Tips)

  • Each adult is responsible for their own health on both a day to day and longterm basis. Below are some top tips to help you fulfil this responsibility. There can be exceptions to this when an individual adult may be dependent on a carer.
  • In practice, there will also be occasions when an individual suffers an accident, catches a bug or feels unwell when this responsibility will sometimes be extended and include the services of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other healthcare professional.
  • Click here for some useful Top Tips to assist you to manage your own, or your child’s, good health.  

FAQ 9  What if I need NHS treatment after receiving private healthcare?

FAQ 10  What will GPs NOT be able to write a letter for?

We are unable to supply letters for the following

  • Housing (unless MKCC specific request by letter)

  • School non-attendance

  • Blue badge (unless MKCC specific request by letter)

  • To schools suggesting educational or additional facilities or care.

 However, we will always respond to written requests from outside official bodies such as DVLA or MKCC.